SAMA kicked off it’s 11th SAMA Bowling Tournament  (SBT) last March 3 at the SuperBowl in SAFRA Toa Payoh. We have 8 teams again this year vying for the top prizes. They are:

20160303 sbt11

Team 1: ALLEYGATORSX (L-R: Eric, Vlad, Vhines, Ed)
Update: The team has changed their name to “3 STARS AND A SUN.”

20160303 sbt11

Team 2: UAP-SAMA (L-R: Rey, Mike, Lalaine, Billy, Frank, Gianfranco, Rem, Jo)

20160303 sbt11

Team 3: TURK3XYZ (L-R: <back> Jek, Edwin, Benjie, Allen; <front> Philip, Cesar, Joy, Carol)

20160303 sbt11

Team 4: PINNOYZ (L-R: Monti, Ana, Aldwin, Raymond, Rico)

20160303 sbt11

Team 5: ANGAZ (L-R: <back> Allan, Zeham, Ray, Philip; <front> Russel, Kitkat, Angel, Edwin)

20160303 sbt11

Team 6: PICE (L-R: Oneil, Achilles, Chai, Ron, Edmund)


20160303 sbt11

Team 7: BOWLILITS (L-R: Randy, Klevin, Minnette, Carol, Christian, Kristian, Mica, John)

20160303 sbt11

Team 8: STRIKE ANYWHERE (L-R: Vani, James, Roselle, Gumer, Ferdie)

There was a huge turn out that night, all thanks to the respective team captains and friends. Kudos also to the management committee and supporters.

No, these are not the security! They are the MIT Alumni showcasing the new SAMA polo tee.

The night is not complete with fun(ny) moments…

Showing the right moves…


Lots of food..


This is just the first week of the 28-week tournament. Come and join the fun with our SAMA family. You know what to do…


Viva Mapua!


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