The Philippine Bayanihan Society (Singapore), or PBSS for short, had its workshop last 12th March participated by various leaders and representatives of the Filipino Communities in Singapore. It was a gathering or brainstorming meant for the review and improvement of the current mission, vision, purpose and services offered by the Bayanihan Center building located at 43 Pasir Panjang Road and is easily accessible via bus or mrt. More information can be found at it’s website:

SAMA was represented in this gathering by Edwin and Joy, current President and current Special Projects Committee Chairman, respectively. It was a whole day affair complete with buffet lunch and tea break snacks.

From left: Mr. Basty (BV), Atty. Ranvir (PBSS), Ms. Luz (Pinoy Star), Ms. Minnie (PBSS), Consul Mers (Phil. Embassy), Ms. Cristy (PBSS), Mr. Edwin (Guardians), Mr. James (USTAAS), Engr. Joy (SAMA), Cecil (Bayanihan Center), Engr. Edwin (SAMA), Mr. Pol (BV)

The participants were grouped into five tables comprising of 5-7 persons from different FILCOM organizations including the Philippine Embassy representatives. There were many good and creative ideas for the improvement of the Bayanihan Center but one among them was commonly raised. It was the idea of maintaining one room in the Bayanihan Center as a tambayan or a place to hangout with other FilCom groups. The room itself may have a number of tables assigned for each FilCom group willing to participate. This way, the networking, in the bayanihan sense, will be achieved.

The PBSS Board collated all the suggestions and will deliberate further with the hopes that the Bayanihan Center will be utilized to it’s full capacity. All of us in the room look forward to that.


Viva Mapua!






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