wp-1458474891857.jpgIt was on a bright Sunday morning on the 3rd of April when the Bayanihan Walk 2016 was held. Volunteers from different Filipino and Singaporean organizations gave their support and joined in this charity walk for the benefit of the Bayanihan Center and for other beneficiaries selected. Ambassador Morales and the full staff of the Philippine Embassy came to attend the event as well.

SAMA has been taking part in this event since the first walk in 2015. Same as last year, SAMA took part by handling the event’s registration.

Below are the event highlights in photos. You can click the photos to see it in larger format.





We were quite busy during the registration itself. First line for buying the tickets or claiming group tickets. This was taken care of by the Bayanihan Center staff. Then the next three lines were for registration on disclaimer forms and claiming of shirts (for ticket holders) and water bottle.



Before the walk started, the participants did a few minutes warm-up to condition the body for the walk-ercise. The warm-up moves were led by the Filipino Dragons Singapore (FDS).




With the warm-up done and all their gears ready and armed with water bottle/s, the walk started at approximately 0930h.





After the walk, the participants who are ticket holders also were given a goodie (string) bag with lots of goodies inside from the different event sponsors. We also found some biscuits and cookies in there to replenish the energy after the walk.



The event didn’t end after the walk. The participants, visitors and volunteers were treated to a variety of shows hosted by the talents of Morpheus Hub Events and Productions  (MHEP). For the ticket holders, a raffle was also held in between presentations of the talents.

Our own Mr. Rico won a portable and rechargeable mini-fridge. (Photo courtesy of MHEP)

The show ended around 2pm after all the sponsors and volunteers were acknowledged and were given respective certificates. All in all, it was a great event and time well spent in the weekend.




Viva Mapua!




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