1st Interschool All Mixed Doubles Badminton Tournament (IAMDBT) – Event highlights

SAMA recently concluded it’s first Inter-school All Mixed Doubles Badminton Tournament last 22nd May, 2016 at the Singapore Badminton Hall. Eight (8) out of the fourteen (14) badminton courts were occupied by SAMA for this event. A total of twenty-six (26) Philippine Universities and Colleges were represented by one hundred and twenty-four (124) seasoned badminton players from the various clubs under the Filipino Badminton Community in Singapore.
Our Sports and Recreations Committee Chairman, Mr. Alison and the Internal VP, Ms. Vhines, had close coordination with one of the badminton clubs, Pinoy Shuttlers Singapore (PSS), of which they are also members.

Pre-registrations started in April and lasted until May 9th. Some of the players only realized that they were from the same school when each of them started to look for their respective partners in each category.

Eventually, the committee has managed to invite sixty-two pairs of seasoned badminton players. There were still others who wanted to participate but didn’t have a partner (from the same school).

Twenty-six (26) Philippine Universities and Colleges
Sixty-two (62) pairs of contenders in different categories – lower, middle and upper
Twenty-four (24) trophies and cash prizes to be won

The event started with a program led by 2016-17 SAMA Internal Vice President, Ms. Vhines. She opened with an invocation for the blessing of the event and all participants.

20160522 1st Interschool All Mixed Doubles Badminton Tournament

20160522 1st Interschool All Mixed Doubles Badminton Tournament

After the prayers, we gave respect to the Philippine flag by singing our national anthem.

20160522 1st Interschool All Mixed Doubles Badminton Tournament

2016-17 SAMA Sports and Recreation Chairman, Mr. Alison, led the Oath of Sportsmanship with all the participants.

20160522 1st Interschool All Mixed Doubles Badminton Tournament

20160522 1st Interschool All Mixed Doubles Badminton Tournament

After that, 2016-17 SAMA President, Mr. Edwin, delivered the welcome remarks. During his speech, he identified three goals that this event would like to achieve. First, is to identify who among the badminton players within the huge, 800-strong Filipino Badminton Community, are Mapua alumni. Being the affiliate of NAMA (Philippines), we encourage those Mapuans who are working or living in Singapore, to join and register with SAMA. We offer different sports, recreation, trainings, seminars, volunteer works and an overall feeling of inclusiveness with different families and friends. Secondly, SAMA is building up it’s sports portfolio and plans to include badminton among it’s regular sports offering every year. With the inter-school concept, it can evolve to include other inter-school sports like bowling, badminton, darts and others. Thirdly, SAMA intends to collate the excess monies from this event together with other events for this year and donate to a Singapore charity of her choice. It’s a way of giving back to our host country, Singapore, and a way to help those in need.

20160522 IAMDBT 01

The event was jointly managed by the Sports and Recreation Committee and the Executive Committee.

20160522 1st Interschool All Mixed Doubles Badminton Tournament

The Membership Committee was also there to help those identified Mapua alumni to register with SAMA.

We were also supported by two sponsors: SMDC-Team KMAC and AIA SP-Rochelle-Oculus

20160522 IAMDBT 01

SMDC Team KMAC (with Ms. Kaye Cawili (right))

20160522 1st Interschool All Mixed Doubles Badminton Tournament

AIA SP-Rochelle-Oculus (with Ms. Rochelle (center))

The event lasted until about 1:00 pm, where the last of the pairs of competitors battled it out for the final spot. Below are the winners in each category (you may click the name of the winners to see their photos:

20160522 1st Interschool All Mixed Doubles Badminton Tournament

20160522 IAMDBT 01

20160522 IAMDBT 01


20160522 1st Interschool All Mixed Doubles Badminton Tournament

Champion          : MAPUA (Alison Abayan & Fenella Binag)
1st Runner Up   : PUP (Gary Cristobal & Toots Sarmiento)
2nd Runner Up : PSBA (Jerwin Sia & Grace Andres)
3rd Runner Up  : SLU (Robert Caluza & Shyne Vergara)


20160522 1st Interschool All Mixed Doubles Badminton Tournament

Champion          : ADAMSON (Denmark Santos & Rosiel Ramos)
1st Runner Up   : CSU (Butch Tugano & Lyka Tugano)
2nd Runner Up : MAPUA (RR Vicente & Vhines Bamba)
3rd Runner Up  : SLU ( Gilbert Hamera & Grace Lozada)


20160522 1st Interschool All Mixed Doubles Badminton Tournament

Champion          : ATENEO (William Reynera & Cheryl Loredo)
1st Runner Up   : UP (Martinne Duenas & Averyl Orejola)
2nd Runner Up : UP ( Jom Penaranda & Ellaine Lunio)
3rd Runner Up  : ATENEO (Janus Arcellana & Jane Nobleza)

Certificates of Appreciation to our Volunteers!

20160522 1st Interschool All Mixed Doubles Badminton Tournament

Plaque of Appreciation to our sponsors!

20160522 1st Interschool All Mixed Doubles Badminton Tournament

Special Award to the First Team to Pre-Register!

20160522 1st Interschool All Mixed Doubles Badminton Tournament

Note: They also won in the Upper Level category and got 1st Runner Up!

And finally, THANK YOU to everybody who were there and gave their support to this event! We hope to see you all again in the next season! Who knows, we may have an intramural style of sportsfest where we will have different sports involved.

20160522 1st Interschool All Mixed Doubles Badminton Tournament

20160522 1st Interschool All Mixed Doubles Badminton Tournament

Viva Mapua!!!


Postscript…. you can find the link to the photo album of this event in our Gallery of Events page. 



May 22 Event!

Thanks to the overwhelming response of the various clubs in the Filipino Badminton Community (FilBadCom) in Singapore, we have 62 pairs playing for SAMA’s 1st Interschool All Mixed Doubles Badminton Tournament vying for trophies and prizes in the upper, mid and lower categories.

These 124 players hail from 26 different Colleges and Universities in the Philippines! Some of them who have been competing in the various FilBadCom tournaments for a long time didn’t even know that they are of the same alma mater.

This tournament has brought them together and, at the same time, it has given us an insight on the plethora of Philippine schools alumni who are working or living in Singapore.

Catch us on 22nd May 2016 from 8:00am to 2:00pm at the Singapore Badminton Hall.


FilCom Meeting No.3

Dateline: 14 May 2016, Saturday
Where: The Philippine Embassy, Singapore

The third in the series for this year, the Philippine Embassy hosted another great meeting and networking session with a number of Filipino Communities here. Here are some highlights of the event:

1. OAV in SG 2016

Election fever here ended last 9th May with the results posted online the following week in the Philippine Embassy’s Facebook page. In the Singapore tally, Mr. Duterte won the Presidential bid while his running mate, Mr. Cayetano won the VP race.

Here are some numbers that were shared during the presentation of Consul Gen. Vic Dimagiba on the recently concluded OAV:

39659 – number of people who voted out of 83721 registered voters in SG.
2 – Singapore was the country with the second highest OAV turnout, after Hongkong.
95 – percentage, of the 39659 voters who turned up, are those who appeared personally to vote.
5 – percent, of the above voters who turned up, are those who opted for postal voting.
45 – number of votes that Mr. Cayetano had more than Mr. Marcos, who placed second, in the VP race in the OAV-SG tally.
2017 – start of the next voters’ registration period.

In the midst of all this, SAMA volunteers lent their precious time and patience every Sunday during the one month election exercises (details in our previous post and photos here.). Ambassador Morales extended his appreciation and thanks to SAMA as well as those other organizations who did the same. The event was considered peaceful and orderly by most of the overseas Filipinos who cast their votes. For more details, please visit the Philippine Embassy website or Facebook page.

2. SSS

The Social Security System has an on-going Loan Restructuring Program. This program allows all SSS members, who are delinquent in paying their respective loans, to pay off their loans without interest. Please visit their office in Lucky Plaza along Orchard Road, Mondays – Sundays from 8am to 6pm. They also mentioned that they work even during lunch time. Details of the SSS OFW Coverage can be found in this link.

3. R.A.10022

Republic Act 10022, also known as the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995,  which amends R.A.8042, “aims to provide insurance support to Filipino migrant workers as part of the State Responsibility to afford and ensure the protection and promotion of their fundamental rights and welfare.” It is a compulsory insurance plan that gives coverage to the overseas worker including other coverage that benefit their family members. One of the leading insurance companies in the Philippines, Charter Ping An in partnership with PAMIOFW, did a presentation on the topic and explained what coverage are included in the Bayaning Pinoy Family insurance pack. This package costs about Php5,000.00 per annum. Some slides below (click to zoom).






If you are interested, you may contact the numbers below as shown in their brochures. Unfortunately, the Singapore liaison or partner is still under review as of this writing.



4. Ateneo Certificate Program – LSE Program

“LSE” stands for Leadership, Financial Literacy and Social Entrepreneurship Program offered by the Ateneo School of Government. It is 10-12 sessions offered from May to November 2016 that gives the student how to be financially successful, a social entrepreneur and a leader. You may contact the number and email in their brochure below.




5. IBM Update

Isang Bangkang Malaya happening on 26th June 2016. Here’s a preview of the free dragonboat shirt…




Viva Mapúa!!!

Mapúa Cardinals Champion-PSABL7

Dateline: 20th March 2016.

Philippine Schools Alumni Basketball League, Singapore (PSABL)
Season 7 Basketball Finals

Last 20th March 2016, the Mapúa Cardinals SG team won the championship match against the Holy Angels University (HAU) SG team for the 7th Season of the PSABL (Philippine Schools Alumni Basketball League, Singapore) basketball tournament. The event was held at the Anglo Chinese School basketball court located along Bukit Timah Road.

The final score by Mapúa Cardinals SG team was 90 points vs HAU SG team’s score of 70 points.


Congratulations to the whole team under the leadership of coaches Ken, Ivan and Edel.


Video highlights of the game below…

Video courtesy of Ms. Vhines.

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Viva Mapúa!!!


We see them everywhere. Hashtags in twitter, instagram, and facebook, to name a few. The hashtag (pound sign on the keyboard) function has been around since Aug. 2007. Before that, it was just one of those characters in your standard keyboard (shift+3).

Please note that we will be using #mitsamasg in all our posts. We encourage our SAMA members and followers to tag us using the same.

Have you ever been curious how to use “hashtags” correctly?

Read on below…

Hashtagging explained


Viva Mapúa!!!