SAMA logoWe are now half-way to the finals of the SAMA Bowling Tournament Season 11. This 14th week marks the end of the first round of SAMA’s 28-week bowling tournament. After the results this evening, it is still anybody’s game in the top 4 ranking. All the teams brought their games on and delivered strike after strike with some of them hoping to get the perfect 20 points and high ranking points per team.

The official results will be released next week as our technical committee processes the data and then we’ll know who are in the top 4 ranks. The teams in the top 4 of the first round are already winners while the bottom 4 teams can still fight it out in the second round.

The second round will start immediately next week. The winners in the 1st Round will only have the chance to win again in the overall category while the non-winners in round 1 can vie for the top 4 positions in the second round as well as in the overall category. The next 14 weeks will be intense and exciting for everyone.

Come and join us every Thursday, 8:00 pm at Superbowl in Safra Toa Payoh.

Viva Mapua!!!



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