LOGO copyCongratulations again to all our SAMA paddlers who did their best efforts to win in the IBM2016 hosted by FDS. Check out all our photos in our flickr album. Some of the photos are shown below…





Ang saya saya di ba? (That was fun, wasn’t it?) Now, keep that happy thought as we go through the results of the race below:

Respective qualifying heats results:

Qualifying #3: 1st- Manas (0’53.92″), 2nd- Salipawpaw Boys (0’57.88″), 3rd- SAMA 2 (DNF-“did not finish” due to boat fault)


Qualifying #5: 1st- Kalasag 1 (0’56.60″), 2nd- UP STAT (1’03.93″), 3rd- Lafayette Dragons (1’04.02″), 4th- SAMA 1 (1’o5.08″)


Only the 1st boats in the respective qualifying heats made it to the SEMIs. Both SAMA 1 and SAMA 2 boats will now have to duel it out in the REPECHAGE event.

REPECHAGE #3: 1st- SAMA 1 (0’51.85″), 2nd- SAMA 2 (0’59.04″), 3rd- PICE (1’04.40″)

Surprisingly, both SAMA boats did much, much better than their earlier respective qualifying matches.  Overall REPECHAGE results, SAMA 1 made it through to the SEMIs!

Unfortunately, they didn’t make it to the Finals.  Better luck next year guys! Congratulations to all the winners of the event. Photos by FDS can be found in this link.


Viva Mapua!!!




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