#mitsamasg / post AGM updates

agm2016_wordcloudLast 13th November, we had our Annual General Meeting for SAMA and Mapua Alumni in Singapore. It was held in one of the rooms in AIA Alexandra. Our members started arriving around 2:30pm and the meeting started by sharing and eating the potluck food by the execomm.

After the filling snack, the meeting was called to order. We started with a prayer led by Ms. Vhines, our Int. VP. Then Mr. Edwin, our President, started the presentation with a welcome remarks. We had a couple of new faces from the local organization of PSME and some of our SAMA members who joined in the meeting.

20161113 AGM

20161113 AGM

The meeting then proceeded with a report by the Membership Committee Chairman, Ms. Bang, who showed the status of the SAMA membership with comparison to the membership numbers in the past years.

20161113 AGM

20161113 AGM

The financial report was then presented by Mr. Edwin due to the none availability of our Treasurer, Mr. Philip, due to work. It was highlighted in the report that SAMA does not collect money from her members to spend for the different seminars and training conducted in 2016.

The President continued with the report by presenting the various activities arranged by the group for all it’s members  since the start of the year. There were various completed events in badminton, basketball, and bowling. There were also many events by the FilCom where SAMA took an active part of.

20161113 AGM

The report concluded at about 5:30pm. It was closed with a short speech by Mr. Shaun, our Ext. VP.

To our dear members, we hope to see more of you next year. Rest assured that our Executive Committee will come up with more activities and events where you can mingle, network and collaborate with fellow Mapuans in Singapore. Keep in touch.

Until then….

Viva Mapua!!!





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