#mitsamasg 2017.01.14 – The SAMA Executive Committee and some of our regulars got together for it’s first meeting of the year. After everyone came back from their respective breaks or holidays (at home or abroad), the time has come again to plan and organize the events for our members this year.

from left: Edwin, Philip, Vhines, Louie, Joy, Sol, Rochelle, Elgar, (front) kiddos Paige & Jem
not in photo: Shaun


The events lined up are as follows: (Note that timing may change.)

January – Execomm Meeting
February – Valentines Fun bowl
March – SBT12 bowling; PSABL basketball support
April – Bayanihan Walk )FilCom); Photography 101/basics
May – Interschool Badminton; IOT Seminar; Basketball clinic for youngsters
June – Isang Bangkang Malaya (FDS); Basketball clinic for youngsters
July – Darts; Photography session #2
August – SAMA Family day; Photography session #3
September – Basketball clinic for youngsters; MS Office tips & tricks
October – Billiards; Photography session #3
November – SAMA Annual General Meeting; Seminar on Running
December – Annual Gathering & Year-end party

Keep updated on the schedule by following our web page and facebook page.

After the discussion and brain storming, everybody got busy with the shared food and a lot of other stories of their respective holidays.

All in all, it was a good start and we are excited to do all these activities with our members, family and friends!

Viva Mapua!!!



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