#mitsamasg / 2017.01.21

The Philippine Embassy in Singapore organized the first Filipino Community meeting at The Bayanihan Center this year because of the on-going renovation works at the embassy’s home at Nassim Road.

Here are some updates from the respective embassy departments…

From Consul Tony – regarding Philippine passport application/collection

  • A new passport takes about 8 weeks delivery
  • It arrives weekly, every Thursday, via DHL/similar courier
  • You can check your passport availability via the embassy website (link)
  • Since there were issues of delays in passport delivery, the embassy is offering free passport extension as of this meeting. It is provided to those who have an existing passport for renewal in process.
  • E-appointments (link) per day maximum is about 210 but only 30%, on average, turn up. Still, everyone is encouraged to use the e-appointment and come on the date of your selected appointment also.

From Consul Gonar – regarding ASEAN

  •  The SG economy increased by about 2.8%
  • Encourage entrepreneurship in the Philippines

From VC Lala – regarding ATN (Assistance to Nationals)

  • There was a 4% increase in cases in 2016 compared to 2015
  • Below are the common problems of an OFW that the ATN is taking care of

From Labor Attache Mon Pastrana – regarding POLO

  • In Asia, SG has the highest remittances in 2016.
  • The OEC exemption system has been fine tuned.
  • Those dependent pass holders in SG who are given permission to work here are not exempted from OEC because only those registered under POLO are considered OFW.
  • POLO will soon release the new salary range of the household worker in SG.
  • POLO Welfare Officer Rosanna will end here tour of duty on 31st January 2017.

From Consul Mers

  • The Philippines is the ASEAN chair this 2017
  • It is also the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN. Logo and theme below.

The Philippine Embassy distributed the certificates to the organizations and individuals who have volunteered during President Duterte’s visit in Singapore last December. Our own SAMA certificates were received by Mr. Edwin on behalf of our volunteers.

Receiving Certificates from Amb. Morales on behalf of our SAMA volunteers for our volunteer work during President Duterte’s visit in Singapore last December 2016.

We also took the opportunity to invite the FilCom to participate in our SAMA activites as per the lineup presented by Mr. Edwin.


Here are other pictures during the event. Ms. Vhines and Ms. Rochelle were also present and took the traditional photo evidence of attendance.

Other announcements:

  1. FDS – IBM 2017 will be held on June 25. SAMA will be joining this annual dragonboat event. If you are interested to join us, please contact Ms. Vhines thru email.
  2. PIDC 2017 – no theme set yet. Further details will be announced on the next FilCom meeting in March.
  3. Bayanihan Walk 2017 – tentative date in April. SAMA has always participated in this event by volunteering and taking up specific assignments to help the PBSS. Contact us if you would like to participate!

The meeting ended with a delicious packed lunch of chicken rice and drinks courtesy of the usual sponsors.

Viva Mapua!!!


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