#mitsamasg  |  17.Mar.2018

  • What things can I buy with my $10?
  • Do I need this or not?
  • Do I have to buy it now or can I buy it later?
  • Should I buy a book or just borrow from the library?

These are some of the questions posed to our young participants today. They had to think of answers and write them on stick-on notes to stick on a white board paper. They tried to determine which are things that they need and things that they want.


Most of the kids struggled to determine which ones they consider a need or a want. Basic things like water, house, and clothes were easily identified as a need. Even non-material things like education, electricity and communication using cellphones,  were even identified easily as a need.


The speaker asked, “What about vacation?”…. The parents observing the talk couldn’t help themselves and had to chime in to say that it is indeed a need!


Our speaker, Ms. Rochelle Deana RDM, enthralled our young participants, the youngest being 5 years and the oldest being 12 years, with a short history of money and how it came to be used in life. Besides being a Mapuan herself and SAMA’s current Int. VP, Ms. Rochelle heads the group SP-Rochelle-OCULUS, one of the authorized representatives of AIA Singapore. The same group has sponsored this SAMA event for kids. Ms. Rochelle was assisted by Ms. Cat and Ms. Jasmine.

After the talk, each participant was awarded a Certificate of Attendance for this event.

The kids were treated to the sought after food from Jollibee. There was enough to feed the class twice; before and after the session, including the parents.

Thanks to the SAMA Execomm headed by Mr. Shaun for organizing this event. More pictures can be found in the album below.


Viva Mapua!!!


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