SAMA logoThe Association of Mapúa Alumni, Singapore (SAMA) is an association composed of Mapúa alumni living and working in Singapore; who are dedicated to promote the general welfare; develop mutual help and cooperation; and with a civic spirit, foster loyalty and love to our Alma Mater, Mapúa Institute of Technology. We are affiliated with the National Association of Mapúa Alumni (NAMA).

Since 2001, we have been growing and moving towards our goal to unite all Mapúa Alumni in Singapore. We are proud to be accredited by Singapore’s Registry of Societies (ROS), making us the first foreign School Alumni organization to be acknowledged by ROS.

SAMA header for blog

Working hand in hand with the Philippine Embassy, SAMA is instrumental in uplifting the morale of every Filipino in Singapore. Being an active member of the Filipino Community, the organization has been known for its prestige as not only an-all Professional Filipino Organization but also an epitome of leadership.


Viva Mapúa!!!



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