Internet of Things-part 2 Update

#mitsamasg / date: 2016.10.22

20161022 Internet of Things pt2

SAMA has organized the continuation of the seminar or talk about the 4th Industrial Revolution – The Internet of Things. Our returning speaker, Engr. Marlou Madrio, was kind enough to spend a few hours with us in the afternoon of said date above. We had more participants now with some coming from industries that actually use the internet of things in their respective projects.

The event started off with an opening prayer of Ms. Vhines, our internal Vice President.

20161022 Internet of Things pt2

Followed by the welcoming remarks by Mr. Edwin, our President.

20161022 Internet of Things pt2

After which, Mr. Shaun, our ext Vice President introduced our returning speaker for the event.

20161022 Internet of Things pt2

Our participants had a very good and practical exchange of thoughts and ideas with the speaker, who obliged us all with in-depth details and background of the information given to us at that time.

20161022 Internet of Things pt2

20161022 Internet of Things pt2

The internet of things are upon us and we are in the middle of them as they progress in time. From the smallest appliance at home (the lights controlled remotely) to the more bulky ones like the refrigerator and washing machines (being rolled out by on popular Korean brand), which can tell you what’s going on inside each them (the refrigerator telling you if you food that are nearing its expiry or the washing machine that tells you if the cycle is finished and its time to hang the clothes), we as consumers must adapt and be aware of all these things in order not to be left behind in the fast growing technology around us.

At the end of the talk, we presented our speaker with a plaque of appreciation for the time he spent with us and the knowledge he imparted as well.

20161022 Internet of Things pt2

And here are our obligatory group pictures after the event.

20161022 Internet of Things pt2

20161022 Internet of Things pt2

Thank you again to all our participants and we look forward to the next session with you on The Internet of Things.

More photos in our flickr album link.

Viva Mapua!!!


Update: Internet of Things Seminar

#mitsamasg >> Last September 24, SAMA organized the first of a series of seminars about the Internet of Things. Entitled “Industrie 4.0,” it talks about the 4th Industrial (and technological) Revolution. This is the name given to the German strategic initiative to establish Germany as a lead market and provider of advanced manufacturing solutions.

Industrie 4.0 – A German strategic initiative to become a lead market and provider of advanced manufacturing solutions.

This technical seminar was conducted by Engr. Marlou Madrio at one of the rooms in the AIA Building in Alexandra Road, Singapore.



Our speaker talked about how this on-going revolution will help us be more productive by automating those simple tasks and letting us focus on more complicated work at hand.

He spoke about the Internet of Things (IoT). In the basic sense, it is essentially connecting all devices, electronic or otherwise, into the internet thereby allowing us to monitor and/or control them autonomously. Of course, it is more complicated in real life application. Engr. Madrio also shared that IoT can be utilized to help ease or even solve the traffic problem in the Philippines! If you have the passion and know-how like our speaker, the future will be something else altogether.

We were joined by our SAMA members and friends.




SAMA gave a plaque to Engr. Madrio as a token of our appreciation for sharing with us his technical knowledge with practical applications at his work. It is one of his personal passions in life. He has also expressed his interest to work with our SAMA members to come up with IoT based solutions that will help those in need in Singapore, as a way of giving back to our host country and in the Philippines, as a social endeavor to alleviate the lives of the poor.


Please join and follow us for the next part of the Internet of Things seminar series coming soon.

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Industrie 4.0

#mitsamasg #seminarseries

What is IOT (Internet of Things)? We hear it everywhere nowadays. What is automation? How are these two related? What benefit do they give to mankind or to us for that matter?

We would like to present this invite to our SAMA members for a series of technical seminars from Sept to Nov. 2016.

Interested to know more and participate? Please rsvp to Mr. Shaun Acasio or send us a message thru our contact page with subject “seminar 2016-Industrie4.0”.

See you there!

Viva Mapúa!!!

Upcoming events…Sept/Oct


It’s been almost two and a half weeks since our last event – SAMA Family Day 2016. Thanks to our SAMA members, family and friends who came and spent the day (and overnight) of (lotsa) food, drinks and fun with us.

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We also had a very interesting presentation of completed projects where BIM was used. Kudos to Engr. Sonny Andalis for doing the presentation and showing the technical details involved without being boring. Both his technical and non-technical audiences voiced their appreciations and further clarified parts where they found very interesting e.g. air conditioning using solar energy, many more. We really appreciate the time you’ve spent with us. Unfortunately he didn’t have the chance to enjoy the pool afterwards. Anyway, binawi na lang niya sa food hehehe.

Now, this September, we will have two sports events – basketball and bowling.

We hope that some of our basketball enthusiasts and friends will be able to join us in this year’s 3-on-3 Basketball Games! In the tradition of our badminton event last May, this basketball games will have a similar inter-school concept. Contact us via the link or thru Mr. Shaun Acasio for details. [Update 18/Sept: 3-on-3 will be held on 1st October in November 2016, tentatively instead of this September, due to schedule conflicts with other basketball tournaments.]

Meanwhile, our weekly bowling tournament will have it’s Masters Event this coming Sunday, 4th of September. Details are posted in our bowling group’s fb page. Cheerers and clappers are most welcome to attend. Our bowlers will surely appreciate it! Interested parties may also contact us thru our contact page or thru Mr. Rico Cordero for details.

This coming October, we will be preparing for a Seminar for our members. The details are still being finalized and we will post it soon here. [Seminar details in the recent post: Industrie 4.0]

Lastly, we are also looking for volunteers to help us with some heavy lifting activities for the Bayanihan Center in October. This will be happening in two or three weekends depending on the turn out of volunteers. More volunteers mean faster completion of the job. Interested parties may contact us thru our contact page or drop a message to Mr. Edwin or Ms. Joy for details. Everyone is welcome. Let us do this the ‘bayanihan’ way.


Goal Setting seminar – event highlights

SAMA has completed its first seminar series for 2016: Goal Setting this 2nd of April.  Our guest speaker was Pastor Ramon Alingalan. It was attended by a number of our alumni with their friends and families. The seminar was held in AIA Alexandra building which was arranged by our Sec-Rochelle. We were also graced by our partner sponsors SMDC-Team KMAC represented by Ms. Kaye herself and BDO representative Mr. Lucas.

The program arrangement and hosting was done by our IVP-Vhines and welcoming talk and introduction of our guest speaker by our EVP-Shaun.

Our guest speaker, Pastor Ramon Alingalan.

Some of the presentation slides worth noting…


A GOAL without a PLAN is just a WISH


Make S.M.A.R.T. goals

After the workshop, SAMA awarded Pr. Alingalan a Plaque of Appreciation for his time and effort in doing the workshop with us.

Group pictures were taken which drew the seminar to a close…


Thank you for coming and we hope to see more of you in our next seminar series this 2016.

Viva Mapúa!!!