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The balls, este, boys of the league… #wherearemyshades 🤣🤣🤣


PH World Bowling Champs in SG


It’s a rare privilege to meet 3 Philippine world bowling champions here in Singapore during the 49th Singapore International Open 2017 bowling tournament.

Coach Biboy Rivera

Ms. Bong Coo

Coach Paeng Nepomuceno

Coach Jojo Canare

They’re all here to coach and support the Filipino contingent playing in the tournament from 27th May to 11th June.

Come on down this weeked to the Temasek Bowling Club at Rifle Range Road and cheer for the Philippine team!

Viva Mapúa!!! 

Upcoming events…Sept/Oct


It’s been almost two and a half weeks since our last event – SAMA Family Day 2016. Thanks to our SAMA members, family and friends who came and spent the day (and overnight) of (lotsa) food, drinks and fun with us.

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We also had a very interesting presentation of completed projects where BIM was used. Kudos to Engr. Sonny Andalis for doing the presentation and showing the technical details involved without being boring. Both his technical and non-technical audiences voiced their appreciations and further clarified parts where they found very interesting e.g. air conditioning using solar energy, many more. We really appreciate the time you’ve spent with us. Unfortunately he didn’t have the chance to enjoy the pool afterwards. Anyway, binawi na lang niya sa food hehehe.

Now, this September, we will have two sports events – basketball and bowling.

We hope that some of our basketball enthusiasts and friends will be able to join us in this year’s 3-on-3 Basketball Games! In the tradition of our badminton event last May, this basketball games will have a similar inter-school concept. Contact us via the link or thru Mr. Shaun Acasio for details. [Update 18/Sept: 3-on-3 will be held on 1st October in November 2016, tentatively instead of this September, due to schedule conflicts with other basketball tournaments.]

Meanwhile, our weekly bowling tournament will have it’s Masters Event this coming Sunday, 4th of September. Details are posted in our bowling group’s fb page. Cheerers and clappers are most welcome to attend. Our bowlers will surely appreciate it! Interested parties may also contact us thru our contact page or thru Mr. Rico Cordero for details.

This coming October, we will be preparing for a Seminar for our members. The details are still being finalized and we will post it soon here. [Seminar details in the recent post: Industrie 4.0]

Lastly, we are also looking for volunteers to help us with some heavy lifting activities for the Bayanihan Center in October. This will be happening in two or three weekends depending on the turn out of volunteers. More volunteers mean faster completion of the job. Interested parties may contact us thru our contact page or drop a message to Mr. Edwin or Ms. Joy for details. Everyone is welcome. Let us do this the ‘bayanihan’ way.


SBT11-Official Results, Round 1

SAMA logoThe results are out and the official SBT 11 Round 1 winners have been declared by the Technical Committee. CONGRATULATIONS to Round 1 Winners!

Thank you to all the Team Captains and Players. Let’s get ready for Round 2!

Round 1 Winners

Champion: ANGAZ


1st Runner Up: TURK3XYZ


2nd Runner Up: PICE


3rd Runner Up: BOWLILITS


Awards and prizes will be given out to the winners during our celebrations in December.


Viva Mapua!!!

SBT11 – Round 1 updates

SAMA logoWe are now half-way to the finals of the SAMA Bowling Tournament Season 11. This 14th week marks the end of the first round of SAMA’s 28-week bowling tournament. After the results this evening, it is still anybody’s game in the top 4 ranking. All the teams brought their games on and delivered strike after strike with some of them hoping to get the perfect 20 points and high ranking points per team.

The official results will be released next week as our technical committee processes the data and then we’ll know who are in the top 4 ranks. The teams in the top 4 of the first round are already winners while the bottom 4 teams can still fight it out in the second round.

The second round will start immediately next week. The winners in the 1st Round will only have the chance to win again in the overall category while the non-winners in round 1 can vie for the top 4 positions in the second round as well as in the overall category. The next 14 weeks will be intense and exciting for everyone.

Come and join us every Thursday, 8:00 pm at Superbowl in Safra Toa Payoh.

Viva Mapua!!!


Opening of the SAMA Bowling Tournament – Season 11

SAMA kicked off it’s 11th SAMA Bowling Tournament  (SBT) last March 3 at the SuperBowl in SAFRA Toa Payoh. We have 8 teams again this year vying for the top prizes. They are:

20160303 sbt11

Team 1: ALLEYGATORSX (L-R: Eric, Vlad, Vhines, Ed)
Update: The team has changed their name to “3 STARS AND A SUN.”

20160303 sbt11

Team 2: UAP-SAMA (L-R: Rey, Mike, Lalaine, Billy, Frank, Gianfranco, Rem, Jo)

20160303 sbt11

Team 3: TURK3XYZ (L-R: <back> Jek, Edwin, Benjie, Allen; <front> Philip, Cesar, Joy, Carol)

20160303 sbt11

Team 4: PINNOYZ (L-R: Monti, Ana, Aldwin, Raymond, Rico)

20160303 sbt11

Team 5: ANGAZ (L-R: <back> Allan, Zeham, Ray, Philip; <front> Russel, Kitkat, Angel, Edwin)

20160303 sbt11

Team 6: PICE (L-R: Oneil, Achilles, Chai, Ron, Edmund)


20160303 sbt11

Team 7: BOWLILITS (L-R: Randy, Klevin, Minnette, Carol, Christian, Kristian, Mica, John)

20160303 sbt11

Team 8: STRIKE ANYWHERE (L-R: Vani, James, Roselle, Gumer, Ferdie)

There was a huge turn out that night, all thanks to the respective team captains and friends. Kudos also to the management committee and supporters.

No, these are not the security! They are the MIT Alumni showcasing the new SAMA polo tee.

The night is not complete with fun(ny) moments…

Showing the right moves…


Lots of food..


This is just the first week of the 28-week tournament. Come and join the fun with our SAMA family. You know what to do…


Viva Mapua!